Who we are

ARCHES (Accessible Resources for Cultural Heritage EcoSystems) is a Horizon 2020 funded project. ARCHES involves partners in Heritage and Technology across Europe. The 3-year project began in October 2017 ends in October 2019. It will develop online resources, software applications and multisensory technologies to enable access to Cultural Heritage Sites within and beyond the project. The project has three phases. Phase 1 involves developing new technologies. Phase 2 involves testing and redeveloping these technologies. Phase 3 involves checking the new technologies are ready for other people to use.

The overall project is led by TreeLogic, whilst the research for ARCHES is being led by the Open University with Bath University. We have set up participatory research groups with people with differences and difficulties associated with Siperception, memory, cognition and communication.

Participants have a role to play in collecting and understanding the things we learn, and in deciding what we learn about. Our research methods are being developed in collaboration with the research group so they can best identify, capture and record their experiences and views.

The research groups have been set up in 6 museums, in London, Madrid, Oviedo and Vienna. At each site, the group has around 20 members plus their supporters. The intention is for the group to meet every week over the lifetime of the project to undertake some kind of activity associated with the cultural heritage site or the technology being developed within ARCHES. The meetings consist, for example, of visiting parts of the museum, to examine specific exhibits or rooms using different technologies or of undertaking separate workshop activities to explore a specific issue of access. The group may meet all together or work in smaller groups. Some people come along every week, some attend less often. We need to be flexible to support each other in the best way. There will be many different opportunities for participants to take a leading role.We provide participants with an agreed sum for Travel. There will also be a light meal at the meetings. As much as possible meetings will be arranged to suit the needs of the participants.

Please find a list of all technology companies, museums, and other project members hereafter: